Dee Cain
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  • Community Events

    Dinner and Bible Study!

    Progressive and Inclusive Dinner & Bible Study

    We'll have dinner together (probably homemade this time), share in fellowship, then study the Bible.

    Weekly Qigong Practice with Dr. Chen

    Medical Qigong, Stress Management and Self Healing

    This is a weekly qigong gather and group practice.  Each month’s Qigong class will focus on one form, or be organized around one theme or subject.  Each class will consist of three interrelated parts: ancient wisdom of week (Qigong as a...

    Women of the Bible: Bible Study

    Waiting For Boaz: DMV Single Christian Women Meetup

    Let's take a deep look at the lives and actions of Women of the Bible and discover how their lives are relevant to ours for the purpose of application and edification! I truly enjoyed the last Bible Study and I'm excited to fellowship and study...

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